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Dj DanZin Mixtape Feature: HOUSEWORK

A clean House genre mix featuring various artist works and remixes ,mixed and blended for an enjoyable listening experience


Embrace Your Passion

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I first learned to DJ. Ever since I have listened to music with a DJ's ear. Since then I have been involved with studio productions ,event promotions and now DJ'ing professionally. My Passion is playing , mixing and entertaining people through music.

Celebrate Life with Music and Dance

Whether your musical tastes are Hip Hop ,House , EDM , Rock or Country, mark your moments in life with music and dance with Family and Friends. The ones we love are the people we share life with and make  bonding moments with. Nothin makes a better memory than dancing the fool to your favorite music with your friends and family.

Creative Inspiration

I find inspiration in all genres of music.  I try to make my mixing style representative of not only myself but of all generations past and present. I love finding music  that most people are not aware of yet and bringing that music to them in creative ways.

General pricing

prices may vary due to size of venue, time and travel needed. package prices are based on a 4 hour minimum and do not reflect any specific need or wants desired for said events