Well we had anamazing chance a last week ago at our Audi dealer. We were mainly there to help my friend and mentor in the photography aspect Bart Cepek. But afterwards we have a few minutes to play so I shot a little video never done a car but it felt right to do some learning and playing and this is what it ended up being. Thank you Bart and Darius and Volkswagon Audi Boise for allowing this to happen. More to come and a little more time to shoot next time.

First Post

So this is our very first post. This page will be for our live streaming of when we are on a shoot. If you want to see exactly what we are doing look here. No it wont be a live camera feed but we will be taking photos behind the scene of what ever we are shooting whether it be photos or videos maybe even just to say hi we will be right here.


We want to give a big shout out to 2 of our great friends Chris and Andrew for pushing so hard for us to switch to this style of website vs the old version. I might dd a few more moments to change how we are going to post but in the end this is going to be a wonderful feature so thank you Chris and Andrew for this.


On another note Andrew from Andrew Chason Design https://www.facebook.com/AndrewChasonDesign will be changing this site in the future as he will be the site developer. I’m very honored to have him designing the site and will even make us our logo. This guy knows his stuff so check him out.


Please check back as we are going to be updating everything often. Feel free to contact us also with any questions.



Kenne CEO Drop In Entertainment